MSS Electronics has over 35 years of experience in Installing Card Access, Video Surveillance systems and Communications Systems for business and industry. MSS technician’s trucks are equipped with ladder racks as well as all the tools and supplies needed for the system installation.

MSS Electronics employs dedicated, highly trained, licensed technicians who are familiar with all types of security system installations. MSS Electronics reviews the project with the technicians before the work is started at the facility. MSS Electronics spends time with the customer to understand the building work schedule and the desired approach to completing the system installation. MSS Electronics follows all building fire and system low voltage wiring codes to make sure that the system is installed properly and neatly.

When the job is of substantial size MSS Electronics will develop and submit to the customer a detailed installation schedule covering all equipment with dates identified. An MSS system project manager will routinely review the system installation progress weekly with the technicians and discuss any concerns that the technicians may have on keeping the installation schedule intact.