Intrusion Detection

Intrusion Detection Solutions

MSS has engineered and serviced intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDPS) for a multitude of facilities in order to provide safety and security. At MSS, we provide and service state-of-the-art solutions with dynamic control to limit the occurences of false alarms.

MSS follows a comprehensive apporach to security that goes beyond the perimeter. After our expert team performs a thorough on-site evaluation we then determine the most cost effective technology solutions to meet the clients specific needs. Some of these technologiy solutions could include:


  • Fence Detection Systems
  • Door and Window Mounted Balanced Magnetic Switches
  • Motion Detection Closed Circuit Television
  • Dual Technology Sensors (Microwave and Infared)
  • Alarm Monitoring and Control Systems
  • Glass-Break Detection


MSS provides free on-site surveys of new or existing intrusion detection systems, please contact us to speak with a security expert who can provide more information on developing a solution that suits your business.