System Design

MSS Electronics has over 35 years of experience in designing Card Access ,Video Surveillance systems and Communications Systems for business and industry. The system design usually starts with a site visit to the building or architectural floor plans of the facility. Most Security Systems for business and industry contain three major parts, Access Control, Video surveillance and Intercom Communications.

MSS Electronics will spend a great deal of time understanding the customers security  needs before the system design takes place. Once all of the questions concerning access control and IP video have been discussed, MSS Electronics will begin the task of laying out the system based upon the desired equipment locations. MSS Electronics will mark up the floor plans of the building or buildings and begin the task of detailed system layout.

MSS Electronics will then use the marked up floor plans to properly design the system to meet both the present and future needs of the facility. MSS Electronics is very knowledgeable in terms of all types of access control as well as electric locking hardware and spends time picking the proper lock that will work best with the existing door hardware. MSS Electronics designs the system using the latest technologies but is also careful to design the system to be easily serviced in the future by using industry standard hardware and components.

MSS Electronics will provide electronic drawings marked up for the customers use during the system design phase. If many options exist for the customer MSS Electronics will investigate the options and offer the customer these options as a part of the system pricing. MSS Electronics will also provide preconstruction system design services and participate in job meetings during the construction phase to act as a trusted security systems advisor for the customer.